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In a mood for imagines!

Hehehe, anyone want any personals? 

  • hey everyone..

  • wanna talk direction stuff?;)

I’m a boy Directioner


Have been since… a year now? 
WOW, im not gay or anything, I mean, I have a girlfriend, and she loves them too, we go to concerts together;’)

Much love.


Imagine living in Harry + Louis’ house, where Harry runs around naked all the time.

Chapter One - Harry

Your Mum finally lets you go to a One Direction signing, in Newcastle. 

You’re so excited, you plan out all your clothes the day before, pick out exactly what you’re going to do with your hair, charge your phone and camera, and pack your books + CD’s into a One Direction bag. You go to sleep at half six, only to get up the next morning at five. 

You wake up with a massive smile on your face, and you press play on your iPod the second you get up. Nothing like a bit of One Direction to immediately brighten your day! You run downstairs and get a bowl of Curiously Cinnamon

Should I carry on?!:s